Novice Network MarketersIt’s not very often that I encourage someone to quit Network Marketing.   When you read Are You A Novice Network Marketer?   If so… Quit Today you are probably thinking “gosh this lady is telling me to quit network marketing just because I am not an expert or guru”!  I want to reassure you that is NOT the case today.

Before I get into why I titled this post the way I did I want to enlighten you on the 4 Levels of Network Marketers.

We all know that lead generation and effective communication skills/tools are both essential in this world of online business.  It is to the extent that you do these necessary tasks that determines your level of a network marketer.

Below you will find the 4 levels of  network marketers  and their requirements.

1. Novice Network Marketer - not generating 50+ leads a day and feelings of anxiety when calling the leads you have generated; no/very little money income

2. List Builder – able to generate 50+ leads; good communication skills; use autoresponder to communicate to the masses; making a few hundred to thousands of dollars income

3. Team Builder – generating large amounts of daily leads; making calls; use autoresponder; have 2 or more in your downline, ability to duplicate

4. Master Network Marketer – in a nutshell your a great network marketer and this is your primary source of income.

When I advise a Novice Network Marketer to quit I don’t actually mean quit the business of network marketing.  What I am telling you is to quit doing what you are doing because it’s obviously not working!

You are not generating many leads, you are fearful of the phone, and you have no money flow.  This can happen for several reasons…

1. You are lazy

2. Your up-line/mentor sucks

3. You aren’t following the guidance your up-line is giving you

4. You don’t have a system/up-line/mentor to assist you to success.

** The above list only applies if you have been in Network Marketing for more than a year***

Does this mean that you will never achieve a higher level of success as a network marketer?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

It Is Time To Change Your Playground and Playmates!

By working with me and using A SYSTEM for lead generation and education to enhance your skills you will graduate from a Novice Network Marketer to an unstoppable MASTER MARKETER!

To Your Success,

Margaret Wilson

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