Network Marketing Prospecting

Network Marketing Prospecting

In my last post I gave some secrets away regarding what to say to new leads.  You ready for some more exclusive secrets?  Well I have a cat to let out of the bag.  I recently watched an AMAZINGLY informative short video that clued me in on some network marketing prospecting guidelines.  

Before I get into the golden nuggets of today’s post I want to explain a little more about prospecting.  Prospecting includes SO many different things.  Some people believe prospecting is simply the act of finding the right people to join you business. And they are correct… to a point.  When you prospect you are searching for the right type of person to join you in business.  But what does network marketing prospecting REALLY involve?

Network Marketing Prospecting is MORE that just talking to someone….

When you think about prospecting… what comes to mind?  Maybe calling someone, find out if they are a network marketer or what they do for a living, how much money would they like to make, why are they considering an online business, and do they have the money to invest in a business.  All of those are good questions to ask.

But before you even get to asking the question you must do the following…

  • Know how to find a network marketing prospect

  • Know How you are going to approach them

  • Know where are you going to send them for more info

  • Know how you are going to follow  up

  • Know how to close them

In a nutshell… that is the essentials of Prospecting With Professionalism.

Now On To The Golden Nuggets…

In the following video I am going to tell you about 4 basic guidelines to Network Marketing… Prospecting With Professionalism.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Look for more detailed information regarding this post in the future!

To Your Success,

Margaret Wilson


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