Overcoming FearThe Fear Of Failing is Created By Only The Mind and Has A HUGE Impact On One’s Success.

Learning to overcome your fear of failing in network marketing is not as difficult as it may seem.  To conquer the fear you must first gain control of your thoughts and your mind.

Fear is defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.  Failure is defined as an act or instance of failing  or proving unsuccessful; lack of success.

According to the definition of fear it is an emotion that is caused by danger, evil, pain, etc and can be imagined.  Failure is a lack of success.

Do You Desire the knowledge to overcome your fear of failure as a network marketer?  If so… read on…

If you have a fear of failure I am here to tell you it is only being created by you mind because fear can be imagined.  Failure (a lack of success) does not exist if you are a serious network marketer.

That statement above holds a lot of meaning if you can truly grasp what I’m about to explain.  I have stated that fear of failure will not exist if you can gain control of your mind. You maybe asking “what does it take to gain control of my mind”?

You’ve probably heard the statement if you tell yourself something enough times you’ll start to believe it.  For an example think of a lie you may have told.  If you told the lie enough times eventually you forget what the truthful story was in the first place and now the lie has become reality.

Control of the mind begins with your thoughts and subconscious.

By becoming a serious network marketer and telling your mind you are successful, your mind can not even imagine what the fear of failing is!!  Success comes in many different ways in network marketing.  It can be as simple as making that first phone call to a prospect.  For some network marketers overcoming the fear of failing at this task can seem overwhelming.  It’s really just a matter of remembering you’re human and you’re talking to another person.

An easy way to be successful at this task is start off with calling your friends and family. Tell yourself it’s just another person, a friend, no big deal.  If you can’t tell your friends and family about how you are going to achieve great financial success how can you tell a stranger.  After you have completed the task of talking to someone you know, and you felt comfortable with it, then move on to the people you don’t know.  These are people you want to network with and build a friendship relationship with.  So tell yourself I want to introduce myself to this person because I want to be their friend.  Many of the people that you don’t know will come from the leads you have generated online.  Which makes this task even easier because you know the person is interested in what you have to offer because they have “opt-ed in” to a training, free presentation, boot camp, or etc. that you may have on your blog or another website.

Overcome your fear of failing in network marketing by taking small steps and reaching your big goal by achieving the small ones first.

To Your Success,

Margaret Wilson



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