linkedin companiesMany people do not know how to search for specific companies on LinkedIn.   You maybe wondering why would I want to do this?  If someone is settled within a company what is the point of contacting them?  We’ll get to that in just a bit.

I want to give just a little information on LinkedIn and why it is such a good social media site for network marketers.  Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is business oriented.  It is for the corporate companies and entrepreneurs.  I have found when I connect with people on LinkedIn they tend to be more responsive to what I have to offer or to reach out for help.

As you begin working on LinkedIn you will discover you can find people with searching for your company, your location, a different location, gender, and even age.  You can really narrow down your searching for prospects by using LinkedIn.

Before I tell you my secret on how I search for specific companies on LinkedIn I’m first going to illustrate how to do it.

3 Simples Steps To Search For Companies On LinkedIn..


1. Once you have logged into LinkedIn click the box over to the right that will say “people”  choose “companies” then type the name of the company you want to search for.  For this post I picked Gano Excel.


2. After you click search you will see a page come up similar to the following.  I usually click on the company group with the most members.


3. After clicking on the company on LinkedIn you will see a page like the following one here.  On this page then click on “Followers” to see the members within this group you can connect with.


From here you can pick the individual you want to connect with.


Now, back to the question you may have of  1.Why would I want to do this? 2. If someone is settled within a company what is the point of contacting them?

One reason I use this technique is to drive traffic to my blog.  I recently wrote a company review on Gano Excel.  You can read it here.  Then I thought about the fact that network marketers are usually interested in what others are saying about their company.  I figured there was no better way to find those people then search for that specific company on LinkedIn.

The other reason I used LinkedIn companies to connect with others is because about 90% of all network marketers are struggling with their current company.  I connect with people in specific companies that I know are struggling to offer my assistance to help the individual succeed.

If I can help YOU succeed in your business leave me a comment or drop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to connect with you!

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