Isn’t it amazing how many Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities there are in the online world? I had NO idea there were so many until I really started working an online business. You can find an online business opportunity for literally anything… including electric or natural gas service or supply. Ambit Energy, a company that offers this service, is the company of review for today.

Since you arrived at my blog and are reading this article my guess is you are either a current network marketer in this company or you are looking for a legit opportunity within the electric and gas supply. Either way you are at the right place.

You will discover more information about Ambit Energy, the opportunity, and how to build a successful business MLM with this company or any opportunity for that matter.

Before you read on please watch this very informative video on Ambit Energy. Then we will discuss what’s in the video. Enjoy…


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I know there was a lot of information in that video, so let’s break it down a bit.

Ambit Energy Company Info.

Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 and is based in Dallas Texas.  They truly want to be the best energy providers in the United States.  Ambit is a company with integrity and loyalty to it’s customers.

If you are wondering if Ambit Energy is a scam you can put your mind at ease.  Those rumors are false and this company is here to stay for the long haul.  One reason is everyone needs electricity and gas service… right? :)

Ambit Energy Services

They currently offer services to 1o states which include California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, D.C.  I believe in this company and when they do offer services to Iowa where I live they will have one more loyal customer to add to the millions they already service.

The Ambit Energy Opportunity

Ambit Energy ScamAs I said in the beginning of this post I never knew how many online business opportunities existed until I started to do some research.  I have to say an energy company is one I would have never thought of.

Ambit Energy offers a competitive business opportunity. The scam rumors you often hear about usually come from  other network marketers who have failed to build a successful business with a company.  This is not a scam.  There are about 150,000 independent consultants for this company.

If someone has asked you to join this company I’d like to shake your hand for doing some research before jumping in with both feet.  That is a mistake many network marketers make and is often the reason they are unsuccessful.

With the area that this company serves being limited to 10 states you may be thinking how can I build a successful business in such a small area?  I prefer to use the internet to build my business.  You can use social media (LinkedIn for example) to target a specific location or people.


I know I have said it already but Ambit Energy is not a scam.  I would persue a business with this company but I like to be a customer of the product.  Due to the fact they don’t offer services in Iowa yet that is not possible.

If you are a distributor for this company and aren’t having the success you desire then you are doing something wrong.  There’s one thing ALL business have in common and that is the need for leads.  (Kind of like Nascar… need for speed… LOL).

Anyway, don’t think you can’t be successful if you are struggling.  You can build a successful business. How? you may ask.  By using the exact same system that I have use to build a wildly successful primary business.  I don’t chase friends and family or make cold calls.  I generate quality leads by using the system I have used for 5 years now.

I encourage you to discover how to generate quality leads and convert them into the recruits you desire.  Isn’t it time to make a change to achieve the wildly successful MLM business of  your dreams?

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